Oscar & Bullet, Shop Dogs

Oscar is a rescue from the Connecticut SPCA who found his way into the hearts of school owners Greg and Margaret and their son, Eric. When he's not hanging around the NESAW office, he chases rabbits and squirrels in his backyard and ponders ways to outsmart the electric fence so that he can go on yet another epic adventure.

Bullet was left at the Dakin Animal Shelter in Springfield, MA and adopted by instructor Brian Mulcahy. She's a fast runner (hence the name) and loves playing with her friend Oscar. At home, Bullet swims in the creek, rides on the tractor with Brian and keeps an eye on the cows. Oscar would much rather live there.

Please note: neither Oscar nor Bullet are ever allowed off-leash in the machine room or any place where they might be a distraction to students. If you are allergic to or uncomfortable around dogs, please let us know, as we can easily keep them confined or leave them at home.

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