Listed below are several scholarships for which our students qualify. Although we can’t guarantee an outcome, we can tell you that several of our students have received these scholarships each year over the past several years.

AWI Education Foundation

The Architectural Woodwork Institute Education Foundation offers scholarships each year for qualified students who seek a career in woodworking. The scholarship is awarded to one student per school. Interested NESAW students complete the application form (provided by the school), write a short essay and provide letters of recommendation; the director then selects the most qualified and submits his or her name to the selection committee. The amount of the scholarship varies by the number of applicants, but our students have received anywhere from $500 – $2,000. Applications are due in March and scholarships are generally awarded in June.

Woodwork Institute

The Woodwork Institute offers the C.E. Bernhauer, Jr. Scholarship for students interested in a woodworking career. The number of scholarships and the amount varies from year to year, but students have received $500 – $1,000 in the past. Interested NESAW students should complete the application and request a recommendation from the director (who does not select the final recipient). The application deadline is April 1 and scholarships are awarded in May or June.

WMIA Educational Foundation

The Woodworking Manufacturing Industry also offers an annual scholarship. Applications will be available shortly and are due by February 3. Interested NESAW students should complete the form and provide a transcript, a letter of recommendation from a previous employer and a recommendation from the NESAW director. The amount of the scholarship may vary. This is the first year our students are eligible for this scholarship, so we have no historical information. However, one student at each eligible school will receive a scholarship.